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WWE Bookmakers Welcome PPV Odds History Live WWE Betting Odds
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WWE Pay-Per-View Betting Odds 2018



Betting Odds

28th January 2018

Royal Rumble 2018

Match Odds

25th  February 2018

Elimination Chamber 2018

Match Odds

11th March 2018

Fast Lane 2018

Match Odds

8th April 2018

WrestleMania 34

Match Odds

27th April 2018

Greatest Royal Rumble

Match Odds

6th May 2018

Backlash 2018

Match Odds

17th June 2018

Money in the Bank 2018

Match Odds

15th July 2018

Extreme Rules 2018

Match Odds

19th August 2018

SummerSlam 2018

Match Odds

16th September 2018

Hell in a Cell 2018

Match Odds

6th October 2018

Super Show-Down

Match Odds

28th October 2018


Match Odds

2nd November 2018

Crown Jewel

Match Odds

18th November 2018

Survivor Series

Match Odds

16th December 2018

Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2018

Match Odds

This Month's Pay-Per-View Odds